Sanatan Dharma, also known as Hinduism, is the oldest living religion in the world.
This section has various articles on it's past, present and future. 

Gods and all things Sacred

Hinduism in the new century

Lord Ganesh, as an exclusive creation by the Female energy and his importance in Hinduism

Why do we worship Lord Shiva as a Lingam

Lord Kartikeya / Skandha / Kumara / Murugan - as an exclusive creation of the Male energy Gods and great beings of Hinduism

Monotheistic nature of Vedic philosophy

Hinduism - a comprehensive view

Gayatri Mantra - essence of the Solar Deity !
Further, more detailed article

Articles on Ramayan and its characters

Samudra Manthan - Churning of the Ocean

Spiritual architecture of India around 1000 AD

Dashavatar and Kundalini Yoga

How essential are temples to being a "good Hindu"?

Wealth - how to become rich, QUICK !

Cautionary tale of why Tirupati Balaji is in debt!

Dangers for Gurus and disciples to be aware

What is the difference between Religion, Philosophy and Spirituality

Gurus - why do we gravitiate towards them

Short history of Hindu sects

Gatekeepers of God - Gurus, Jay and Vijay.

Sanatan Dharma and its off-springs - Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism

What is taap ? Why should we do taap ?

Story of Ajamil, last minute redemption

Shri Maada Bhagvad Gita various versions

Conversions - what Hinduism needs to do to stem the flow.

Articles on the Mahabharata are in a section of their own. I have also published a book - Long Story Short to make it easier to read.

We must unite as Hindus to survive - we must abandon the "wilderbeast" mentality !

Japa Yagna - 108 verses extolling the virtues of Shri Krushna - Gujarati and English

United we stand, Divided we fall !

Bhaja Govindam by Shri Adi Shankara
Shorter translation of Bhaja Govindam

Infighting amongst Hindus needs to stop !

Athato Bharma Jigyasa - Curiosity about Universal Spirit is what spurred on the ancient sages to delve into philospphy (Krunal's excellent website)

Necessary Reforms in Hinduism

Definition of Satya vs Asatya, Nitya vs Anitya from my point of view

Key to Hinduism's survival through the ages.

Moksha - is it really the goal we must ALL aspire to in this lifetime?

Shiva Yoga Shivir in London - July 2011
Draft notes Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5

Is Hinduism a Bhramanical religion ?

Shri Vidya Shivir in London - July 2011
Draft notes Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

Devas vs Danvas - why does Vishnu / Krushna seem to choose sides?

Religious articles on Pushti Marg

Is God partial ? Does he help some people more than others?

Pushti Marg in the new century

Idol worship or worshiping Ideals?

Sacred sites / places of pilgrimage around India are listed on this page.

Should broken idols / icons be replaced or repaired?

Sacred Geography of India - Pillgrimage sites as chakras in India's sacred body !

Reasons for doing "visarjan" of sacred icons

Mantras, their meanings, secrets and their power

How best to do visarjan of icons / murties

List of  items usually requied for a major puja or ritual at home.

Tribute to Hinduism by some famous names of history

Sahastra nama Puja - worshiping God / Goddess with their 1000 names

Karmic link to birth and parentage

Reasons for some items used in the worship of Hindu Deities, eg flowers, basil, rice etc Forcing karmic links to have kids
Tulsi - Sacred basil plant Subtle karmic results of thoughts
16,108 wives of Krushna Soul as defined by Hinduism
God LOVES us all just the way WE are ! Who wrote the Scriptures, Shastras, Shruti and Smruti
ભગવાન કોના? - Who does 'God' belong to? Hindu Scriptures from Vedas to Puranas
Shrimaad Bhagvad Gita (word doc) Shruti and Smruti - two types of Hindu scriptures
Introduction to Shrimaad Bhagvatam by Veda Vyasa Purpose of reading scriptures

Shri Maad Bhagvat katha 2006 (YouTube)

Mahabharat katha 2012 (YouTube)


Also look in Hindu-Culture and Festivals for more info on our religion.

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