Hindu Culture


Being diverse and inclusive, Hindu culture is very rich in its history and detail.
Here is my take on the oldest living culture known to mankind ! 


Worship of ideals through idols explaining something most westerners still can't understand !

Symbols of Hinduism - an article that will grow...

Should you buy old or new idols / svaroops for worship? Emotional bond between worshiper nd worshipped

5 Blind men - - does anyone really understand GOD ?

Swastick - one of the most misunderstood symbols !

Hindu Calendar - Lunar / Solar cycles and why we have so many "New Years" India !

Arti - why do we "wave lamps" in front of Gods, gurus and honoured guests ?

Wealth and how its viewed in Hinduism List of  items usually requied for a major puja or ritual at home.

What sort of relationship do you have with Lakshmiji ?

Sacred Cows of India - why are cows so special ?

Soul and Samsara in one easy dose

Why are Hindus Vegetarians

Women in Hindu culture / society

Cotton threads around Trees - an enigma !

5 Pati-Vrata women - what makes them such ideal wives ?

How essential are temples to being a "good Hindu" ?

Gurukul - ancient schools with an Indian style !

Key to successful temples - sustainable income
Chosing idols for worship and how to worship GOD as a Hindu Temples dedicated to God Brahma

Ayodhya - what needs to be done to heal the situation

Golden Temples of India (5 listed in this article)

Hijaras - Eunuchs of India 

Differences between a Haveli and a Temple

Caste System I - reasons for this ancient, social order

Short history of Hindu sects
Caste System II - - further information Emperor Ashok - Jain or Buddhist ?

Tribute to Hinduism by some of the greatest men in history 

Keep it Simple - life and seva should always be simple

Why does good suffer and bad prosper ? Theodicy - Hindu view
Lila as per Pushti Marg Theodicy - Lila aspect
Love in all its myriad forms, as expressed in film, dance, drama, art and literature. Gucci vs God - who would win in today's day and age ?
Design your own "FAMILY"

Makhan Chori - what did Krushna steal and why !

Marriage is a bed of roses - just be careful of the thorns

Krushna Sudama - Laws of Karma in action !!

Communication is THE KEY to happy relationships Mad !!!!! Who is sane and who is insane ?
Why taunt Hindus with Beef ? How Dance Forms of India have been impacted over time
In Hindu culture, can men stay with their in-laws? Extended Families - in Myths and Reality
Do women have to take their husband's surname after marriage ? How independent is a Hindu woman in matters of religion?
Mahabharta - Longest epic and most comprehensive scripture known to man ! (first draft)


Please note - these are my views & ideas and they do not represent any organisation or sect in particular.

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