Tattva Vichar

  Articles in this section hope to introduce the reader to some of the philosophy and ideals of the Pushti Marg. Articles here consider the entire spectrum of thoughts from the pure philosophical to the purely devotional concepts of the Marg.

Philosophy                 Seva                 Lila Rahasya             



PhD Thesis on the Brahmavada of Shri Vallabh :- by HH Shri RaghuNathlalji.

Shudhadvita - as published by Nathdwara temple board - Hindi

Details on Pushti Philosophy, simply explained by Krunal on the Jgnyasa website

BrahamaSambandha - information in Hindi

Immense Achievements :- philosophical, social and political, of Shudhadvita !!

Is Pushti Marg Universal ?

Grace :- The central tenant of Pushti Marg and that which only the Lord can provide !

Ashraya or Sambandha - what sort of relationship do YOU want to have with God ?

Svabhav Vijayo Bhavet - ultimate reward for seva, smaran and recitation of Shri Yamunastaka




Balseva in Pushti Marg :- Reasons given by Bhagwat

Balseva :- Reasons given by Sandip Saha


"Bhavas" in Pushti Marg :- Emotion and Religious Ecstasy.

Daily seva of ShriNathji :- Daily routine in the haveli.

Raag, Bhog, Shringar :- the central tenants of Pushti Marg.

Colours and textiles used in seva

Shringar Vs Shungar :- difference between art and craft ! 

Pichoi, the beautiful backdrops used in the Havelis of Pushti Marg

Practical Pichoi ! create your own pichoi in your own seva

Flowers and scents used for seva in Pushti Marg

Be simple in your seva

Intergrating God in your everyday life

Tanuja Seva - Ashtayam seva, to be carried out 8 times a day ; with relevant bhavas 

Mansi Seva - an outline of bhava, bhavana and seva


Lila Rahasya

Makhan-Chori :- reasons behind this lila and the importance of being strong - physically !

Vraj Lila, its uniqueness and why its the ideal lila to contemplate

Vaman lila :- what it teaches us all !

Maha Rasa :- Celebration of (one of many) unique lilas of the Lord !

Chira Haran :- Lord's lilas are complex ! (God works in mysterious ways)

Naga-Daman lila :- of the Lord

Narasimha avatar, bhaktaraj Prahalada and the essential aspect of FAIT in God

Parashurama :- God came to punish greedy kings and governments who steal from religious / charity organisations

Sudama :- the most famous friend of Krushna !

Prabodhini Ekadashi :- celebrating 3 lilas of the Lord

Govardhan-Dharan :- celebrating patience and forgiveness of the Lord for his devotees

Govardhan Puja :- Why Shri Krushna worshiped mount Govardhan

Shakat-bhanjan lila :- Why do we alienate our own loved ones ?


Please read articles by Shyamdas for further revelations of Pushti Philosophy.


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