Nagadaman Lila


The environment around Vraj was heavily polluted.  Even the river Yamuna was not spared. 
As it is, the demons under Kansa’s evil rule were making the lives of Vrajvasies as difficult as possible. 
Other dangerous creatures were making things difficult too.

Krushna worked towards improving the lives of Vrajvasies.  The environment is a key component of what contributes to our well being.  If it is polluted, it wrecks havoc in our daily lives.  The people of Vraj were unable to water their cattle or farm in certain parts of Vraj due to polluted waters of Yamuna. 

Krushna decided to remove this evil and fought with the source of pollution, the many headed, poison spewing naga, Kaliya.   Of all the evils Krushna deleted from this world, this is the only one he allowed to live !  He banished Kaliya to an island in the ocean many miles from any human inhabitation.   Kaliya was further forced to promise that he will no longer bother humans.

In the modern time, Kaliya Naga is the industrial waste !

Industry is a necessary evil in our lives.  All societies need to progress.  Industry is closely linked to progress.  But, industry can not be allowed to ruin our lives, anyone’s lives.  Industry has to be regulated and kept in check, so as not to pollute our environment and Krushna did just that ! 

Nagadaman - South-Indian sculpture
Nagadaman - Rajesthani
Nagadaman - Pahari


Bhagwat Shah

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