History of India

Indian history goes back to the dawn of time !
Here are some of my articles and views on India's dazzeling past.

Maps of India through the ages History is always written by winners
Aryans of ancient India - local or foreigners ? Cultures come, Cultures go !
Indian calendar and its innumerable "New Years" ! Greedy Kings - how Parshurama restored sacred wealth looted by greedy kings.
India is a survivor ! Rama Rajya - We can bring it back to India !
Why is India the way it is ? RajGuru Chanakya - greatest politician of India's golden age
WAR - why do humans fight so incessantly ?  Traitors' Lack Foresight
Hope for peace - from Janmanjaya to Queen Elizabeth II Of tratitors and conspirators - people who cheat their own community and country !
Secular architecture of India around 1000AD Are we selling out our own heritage ?
Spiritual architecture of India around 1000 AD Diamonds for Dictionaries is all the kings of India got for supporting the British !
How Dance Forms of India have been impacted by history of India over time

King is dead - Long live the King ! - why do people say that ?

Women in Hindu culture / society

India & Pak can learn from the wars of Gods and Asuras

Adivasi - tribal, forest dwellers of India Alexander's visit to India - conquest or cultural exchange ?

Ancient Histories of India are recorded differently to Western ones

King Ashoka - was he a Buddhist or Jain ?
Gandhi Katha - exploring the greatest leader of India in 5 days. Brief overview of Mughal rule as seen by Indians & Hindus
Satyagraha - Gandhiji's yug-dharma British Empire - was it good or bad for India ?
Problem called Pakistan! Why India and Pakistan will never be good neighbours. Britain and its reasons for partitioning India and the 2 Pakistans.
Thorny nature of Thrones Rule of foreigners over India was a brutal time for its culture and people.
What it means to be KING, a real KING ! Royals of India, betrayed before and after Independance
History of the mess in the Middle-East - Part 1 & Part 2 Invasion of India through religious zeal and new weappons !
How Hindus survived 8 centuries of Islamic rule Holocaust of Hindus
Why did India have 565 kingdoms during British Raj  


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