Tattva Vichar

  Articles in this section hope to introduce the reader to some of the philosophy and ideals of the Pushti Marg. Articles here consider the entire spectrum of thoughts from the pure philosophical to the purely devotional concepts of the Marg.


PhD Thesis on the Brahmavada of Shri Vallabh :- by HH Shri RaghuNathlalji.

Shudhadvita - as published by Nathdwara temple board - Hindi

Shrimaad Bhagvatam, one of the most important pillars of Pushti philosophy

Details on Pushti Philosophy, simply explained by Krunal on the Jgnyasa website

Brahama Sambandha - information in Hindi (from Nathdwara temple's website)

Brahma Sambandha - information in Gujarati by Kaminiben Mehta

Brahma Sambandha - explanation and information in English by Bhagwat Shah

Immense Achievements - philosophical, social and political, of Shudhadvita !!

Is Pushti Marg Universal ?

Grace :- The central tenant of Pushti Marg and that which only the Lord can provide !

Ashraya or Sambandha - what sort of relationship do YOU want to have with God ?

Svabhav Vijayo Bhavet - ultimate reward for seva, smaran and recitation of Shri Yamunastaka

Viraha Rasa - a unique path of sadhana in Bhakti marg.  This article looks at the different types of Viraha

Theodicy and lila as per Pushti Marg




Please read articles by Shyamdas for further revelations of Pushti Philosophy.


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