My India

People can love India and loath it in the same instance. 
India inspires and depresses in the same moment. 
India is surprisingly staid and dynamic at the sametime. 

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Ye hay India meri jaann


Live and Let Live !  Simple, yet elusive concept "appropriateness" of Satyagraha for the time and place !
Hope for peace - from Janmanjaya to Queen Elizabeth II Gandhi Katha - exploring the greatest leader of India in 5 days.
Look Forwards ! Indians needs to stop looking "backwards". Ostrich attitude of Indian leaders is a great shame !!
Changing Social Landscape of India - where castes and classes are always in a social flux Emperor's clothes - what lessons can we learn for modern economics
How many zeros in a billion ? Google it - may be now we can understand why the world is in a financial mess !

Plastic bangles for India's PM, CMs and MLAs.

Patience - essential survival kit when visiting India.

Save India's Honour - like Drupadi, Bharat mata is being dishonoured, what is anyone doing about it ?

Silence - - strength or a weakness ? Becoming Eunuchs to survive in India

When Compassion becomes a Crime

Lessons from Ekchakra and what we need to learn from it
Indian gov is looting our Temples !! Pakistan, Shakuni of our times !
Ayodhya - what needs to be done to heal the situation Gods and Asuras (learnings for  India and Pak)
Distress of the disabled people in India Problem called Pakistan !
Reasons why there is visible poverty in India and many 3rd world countries Game plan of Terrorists - ready or not, here they come...
Never ask HR - light hearted look at HR advice Empty gestures - what do we do after terror attacks !
A to Z of living as an Expat in India ! Of tratitors and conspirators - people who cheat their own community and country !
Lives of people in Bhopal are worth less than the price of fish in USA Alcohol and the prohibition debate
Hijaras - Eunuchs of the Indian subcontinent Tibet, Paradise lost !
Are YOU living life by default ? Hollow Vicotries and Pointless Wars
Life is as good as it gets ! WAR - why do humans fight so incessantly ?
What does Valentine's day mean to India and Indians ? Israel vs Hamas - why are they fighting?
View of nudity in Western and non-Western art Amazing Diversity of Indian Politics - only country in the world where even minorities can rise to the highest office in the land!
WHY do we refuse to see, hear or speak against evil ? Resurrecting the monster of Reservation / Arakshan in Aug 2015

Caste like hierarchy of the Indian Education System

Information on FREE University Courses around the world

Students are confused by Careers vs Courses Some useful advise to students travelling to the West

Different sexual identities, orientations & perferences 

Language skills of an average Indian


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