Save India's Honour

 Vastra Haran of Bharat mata !


In the great and grand court of the Kurus, sat many men of distinguished linage.  Men who were brave, intelligent, honourable and considered to be the “pillars of society”.  Ethics, morality, history, religion, law, politics, economics were all embodied by the numerous ministers and advisors of the Kuru-kul. 

In such an august court, an unfair game of dice was being played.  Everyone present knew one player was an avid, yet amateur addict ; the other, a known cheat with guile and skill unmatched by any.  Yet, no one dared object to this unfair game.  Time and again, the amateur lost, time and again everyone realised this was through unfair means, yet, none dared speak up. 

The idiotic amateur lost his wealth, his state, his brothers, and than himself !  Who in their right mind would loos so much and continue playing ? 

An addict.
An addicted gambler.

Having lost all, he was goaded to put stake his wife !

He did !
He lost !!

Try as he may, he could not now prevent the shame that was about to befall him.
Try as she may, she could not prevent events from unfolding that would haunt Kuru-kul for the rest of its days.

In the midst of all the great and grand men of Kuru’s court, an Empress was dragged in by her hair, wearing a single raiment of red. 
In the midst of all the wise and intelligent men of Kuru court, a woman in distress was denied justice.
In the midst of all the brave and honourable men of Kuru court, a human being was dishonoured.

Why ?

Why did the great and good of the Kuru court keep their wise counsel to themselves ? 
Why did the honourable, ancient elders of the Kuru court abdicate their responsibilities ?
Why did the men, who could rip Indra out of his heaven, sat, wring their hands ?

Impotence induced by addiction.
Impotence induced by a false sense of honour.
Impotence induced by misguided sense of friendship.
Impotence induced by misplaced sense of responsibility.
Impotence induced by attachment to family.
Impotence induced by greed.

Each and every member of the court that day, was made impotent by one or other of these things.  Even the great Bhishma was made impotent by his sense of responsibility to the Kuru crown, rather than the values "that crown" espoused.  Karna, a great man in every other category, was made impotent by his blind friendship to Duryodhan.  Dhritrastra and the seeds of his loins, were made impotent by greed.  Pandava brothers, made impotent by their misplaced attachment to Yudhistir, did nothing to help Drupadi in her hour of need.  Impotent anger. grand gestures and promises of future revenge were useless to her.

When all entreaties failed, all pleadings for family honour, fraternal understanding and common decency were brushed aside, Dushashan tried to disrobe Drupadi.  With muscle bound hands, that could uproot ancient trees, he pulled hard at the flimsy sari of Panchli.  Yet, he could not disrobe her !!

When all else failed, Krishna called Krushna to her aid. 
When all else abandoned her, Krushna came to her aid.
When the very last vestige of hope of saving any honour – honour of Kurus, honour of its court, honour of its scions, honour of its advisors was lost, Krushna came to Krishna’s aid.

Only Krushna stayed with Drupadi throughout this incidence. 
Can you imagine how long it takes to pull away 1000 saris ?
Not one person spoke up – not even once !!!! during those 1000 instances to help a lady in distress. 
Only Krushna stayed by her side. 

Only when Dushashan fell from exhaustion, did the impotent court of Kurus erupt in impotent anger, censoring the sons of Dhritrastra and praising the daughter of Drupad.  Only than did the blind king fear for his sons and asked them to stop ! fearing that the people will rise up and force him to abdicate to Yudhisthir.  His generosity was laced with fear.  His blessings hid a curse that hoped to drive Pandu’s sons into oblivion.

All who were present in the ancient court of Kurus lost their honour that day – except Drupadi.

Saved by Krushna, Krishna survived unscathed. 
Her distress destroyed the sons and grandson of Dhritrastra’s loins.

Even after Pandavas and Panchali had left for the jungle, Dhritrastra and his sons did every thing within their power to make their lives difficult.  Even when they returned after the 13th year, they continued to deny them their rights.  The sorry story only concluded when the entire Kuru court, present on that fateful day of the dice game, was destroyed.  All, including Bhishma and Drona lay dead before the attempted dishonour of Drupadi was avenged.


How sad that this shameful incidence of ancient history has decided to repeat itself in our own life time !

Dushahan = corrupt governance
Dhritrastra = power gained by deceit
Duryodhan = ill gotten wealth

All these are well and alive, here and now.
They are stripping Bharat mata of her last vestiges of honour, while the populance looks on with impotent apathy, like those present in the court of Kurus. 

Just as Panchali was married to five husbands, our current government system is married to "multiple political parties".   These parties, instead of being conscientious husbands to the country they have vowed to protect, are sitting by, letting corrupt governance attempt its rape of Bharat mata.


Impotence induced by vote bank politics.
Impotence induced by misplaced priorities.
Impotence induced by mistaken sense of identity.
Impotence induced by ideology.
Impotence induced by attachment to people rather than principles.
Impotence induced by greed.

Our men, women and children are being killed by terrorists in every state – from Pakistan backed militants in J&K to Bangla trained sucide bombers in Varanasi and Hydrabad.  From Moaists and Naxalites to ill educated men, who kill Hindus in AP, Bihar, TN, West Bengal and Kerala. 

While Hindus are being killed by the dozens in J&K, the government looks the other way and wags an angry finger at Gujarat for death of a couple of muslims during muslim induced riots !  While the secular fabric of India lies in tatters in Varanasi, Vadodara is blamed for shaming India !  While our government can protest at cartoons published in a free press in a democratic country, it awards National honours to a man who regularly insults Hindu Gods and Goddesses in the name of “art”.

Time and again, Hindus, their culture, their history, their aspirations are shot to shreds by a government that is unmindful of their feeling.

Who will save India ?
When will this rape stop ?

Only God can save India in the short term, and He has. 

Can you imagine any other country facing so many enemies, attacking it with such determination as to reach its very parliament, and yet, survive !  Can you imagine any other country remaining peaceful despite being bombed so regularly ?  Can you imagine country where the minority drags the majority by the locks of its hair and still keep its peace ?  Can you imagine another country where a small number of people defy all laws, rules and even the constitution and still the country functions ?

When the "Du-shashan" of the corrupt government, that is shaming India, collapses, people will see it for what it is.  Too late for doing anything to repair the damage to its image, it – Dhritrastra may change its tune to fit the new realities, but, alas, until its seeds are destroyed, this current ideology will continue to attempt its rape of Bharat mata.

In the long term, only firm resolve, strong action and active participation of the people of India can save India from further dishonours in the future.    

We must learn from our history – that’s what its there for – to teach us what to do and not to do.  Sadly, if we ignore its lessons, we will be the ultimate losers.

Let us, as Hindus, as Indians, rise up and say “NO” to Du-shashan, “NO” to Duryo-dhan, and “NO” to Dhrit-rastra.
Let us all work together and step in to stop this hideous disrobing of our Bharat mata.

Its our mother, its our duty to protect its honour !


Jai Hind !


Bhagwat    [email protected]


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