ll व्यसन हमे घनश्याम ll

Vyasana hamay Ghana-Shyama

My addiction to Ghana-Shyam (Shri Krushna)


1 गुरु वंदना - Guru Vandana - Dedication to the Guru - 5 padas

2 स्तवन - Stavan - In praise of the Lord - 9 padas

3 जतन - Jatan - Loving the Lord as a child - 8 padas

4 मधुरा - Madhura - Love for Krushna - 8 padas

5 व्यसन - Vyasan - Addiction to Krushna - 5 padas

6 मानिनी - Manini - Power of Love ! - 5 padas

7 खोट परे - Khota pare - Lovers' despair - 5 padas

8 प्रेम अगन - Prem agan - Lovers' Anguish - 5 padas

9 ओरे ओधाजी - Oray Odhaji - Gopies' advise to Udhavji - 5 padas

Glossary of terms

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To make it easy for those who want to “read” the poems in a western script I have deliberately used phonetic spellings for transliteration. 

Various translations in English, Spanish and German convey the essence and emotions of the padas rather than give the literal meaning of each and every word. 
In some instances, the whole pada is distilled into a single line, as it is impossible to convey the intensity and emotion in any other way.


© Bhagwat Shah

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