Padas and Kirtans of Pushti Marg

Divine poetry

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History and background to the special music of the Havelies

Bhava and Joy of Kirtans and Padas

Ashta-Sakhas - the eight poet saints of Pushti Marg, who moulded "Haveli sangeet 

41 Padas of Shri Yamunaji, kindly contributed by Dilipbhai Bhatia.

Pada dedicated to Shri Vallabh

The last pada by Surdasji - Asharo

Gujarati Bhajans

Vyasana - 54 padas describing my addiction to Ghana-Shyam - Lord Krushna (now available on Kindle)


Down-loadable Haveli Sangeet


Return to the main courtyard of the Haveli


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