Kumbhandas was one of the original 84 disciples of Shri. Vallabhacharyaji (also known as Mahaprabhuji ) in the early 1500. He lived in a village named Jamunavata located in Vrajbhumi ; with his family of eight members.  Kumbhandas had a very small farm which he cultivated to feed his family.  He had few material possesions and a farmer's life is always a hard one. Though poor, he maintained high self-respect and as a Vaishnav he would not accept any free offerings from anyone.

When he learned that a great person - acharya has come to Anyora town; Kumbhandas and his wife went to Anyora to meet with Shri Vallabhacharyaji.

Kumbhandas was recognized as one of the Ashtasakha in Pushtimarg; which means that he was one of the eight close friend of ShriNathji. Ashtasakhas were great song writers and   singers of praises of shri Goverdhannathji. This highest esteem was achieved by Kumbhandas by his absolute dedication and Love for ShriNathji.

Once Raja Mansinh visited Kumbhandas and offered him essentials items of his daily needs such as a mirror to see his Tilak and household items but he politely declined and responded that God creates everything I need in my small farm and I cannot keep good things in my poor house. I use the corn, wheat, milk and vegetables produced in my own farm.

Kumbhandas was mainly involved in serving Shrinathji and he wrote and sang many Padas & Kirtans. He was so dedicated that everyday he would climb up and down Giriraj mountain to pray and sing kirtans to please Shri Goverdahnnathji. Kumbhandas was very fortunate to experience meeting with and talking to shri Goverdhannathji. They both often played together.

BHAV- True devotee of God dedicates everything to the service of shri Goverdhannathji and they gain the benefit of seeing within themselves the real happiness being next to God and his Leela .

A noteworthy story of Raja Mansinh who was returning home after his victory of many states. He visited Mathura, Vrindavan, and at last came to Giririaj mountain to offer his prayers to shri Goverdhannathji. While worshipping he experienced soothing effects to his heart; as he noticed the grand style offerings of flowers, fragrances, ornaments of pearls, white cooling costumes on the Lord. He mentioned that the real experience of darshan of Lord Shri Krshna is right here what he saw in Shri Goverdhannathji. He felt the pleasure of his life time at this Darshana while Kumbhandas was singing following kirtan to the Lord.

"Roop dekhi naina palak lage nahi,
Goverdhandhar ke ang-ang prati
nirkhi naina man rahat nahi."
"Kahari kahon kuchh kahat na aave
chitt choryo ve mange dahi
Kumbhandas Prabhu miliveki
sunder baat sakhiyan so ju kahi."


There are many stories of Kumbhandas- one of the Great 84 Vaishnavas who had met with Shri Goverdhannathji. Kumbhandas had seven sons by the grace of shri Vallabhacharyji.


Written by

Shri Vinod Shah �

Jai Shri Krshna


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