Hindu Life Rituals


Hindu life rituals are some of the most interesting in the world.

4 Stages / goals of Life 
Shrimanta - Hindu babyshower !
Mundan - tonsure, when the baby's hair is cut for the first time.
Marriage - a matter of choice !
Types of marriages described in Hindu scriptures
Love marriage is an ancient Indian custom.
Hindu Marriage ceremony - explanation of some the rituals.
Mangalsutra - the wedding necklace
Cautionary tale of how borrowing for marriage can get even Tirupati Balaji in debt!

Cotton threads around Trees - an enigma !
5 ideal wives of Indian scriptures - what makes them so special
Dowry - how did this ever get into our culture !
Why do humans have "rituals" after death ?
Hindu rituals after Death - reasons and rational
Comparing answers to the questions regarding Death from major sects of Hinduism and other world religions
Reasons behind Western rituals after Death.
Soul and Samsara in one easy dose
Moksha - is it really the goal we must ALL aspire to in this lifetime ?
Definition of Satya vs Asatya, Nitya vs Anitya from my point of view
Sad fate of Hindu Widows
Sati - together in life and death !
Reasons why the British banned Sati in India


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