Why do bad things happen to good people ?

Why does evil prosper ?



Simple answer is - Karma !

We are all ruled by karmic deeds of our own past.  Good and bad. 
Depending on our past actions, we may enjoy or suffer in life.  However, this does not mean we are “destined” to suffer forever.  If we act in the right manner now, we can easily improve our future.  Indeed, our future is totally dependant on our own actions.  We are the creators of our own destiny !


So, why do good people suffer ?

Past or present action, inaction or omissions means that sometimes, even good people have to suffer.  However, if the good people take corrective actions, have patience and forbearance, their good works pay off in due time.  Just as plants take time to mature and produce their fruits, karmas take their own time to mature and produce desired results.  The more diligent you are, better the crop of karmas you will reap.


So, why does evil prosper ?

Past or present action, forethought, forward planning or help from others sometimes allows even evil people to prosper - for a while.  However, just as fire burns itself out by consuming its own fuel, once the fruits of good actions are exhausted, evil people swiftly get the punishment due to them.


A lot of people who believe in God or do are “religiously active” presume they will never have anything bad happen to them.  The moment there is a crisis in their lives, they rave and rant at God, demand that their lives should be made smooth or they will stop believing in God !


Having God on your side is no talisman against your own karmas !  If you have incurred debt, you have incurred debt.  Having a rich dad by your side means he may decide to help you out with the debt, but someone has to pay !  If the father is smart and has the good of the child at heart, he will make the child pay his own debt so he learns and lesson and does not repeat his mistakes.  Rich dad who has child's goodwill at heart will act as a collateral, so the child never default, but he will not spoil the child by paying it for him. 


God does not interfere in the workings of the universe unless there is a crisis.  Why should he mess up his own system ?  If you want, God can grant you the strength to deal with your karmas, he can provide guidance, but, to take on the karmas on his own head is a step too far. 


Rama did not take away the karmas of Dashrath to negate the curse of Shravan’s parents. 
Rama did not paper-over the cracks in public opinion of him and his queen. 
Rama’s own sons grew up in Valmiki’s ashram !! 
Had God wanted to interfere, surely he would / could / should have done it for his own wife and sons !  But he didn’t !


Krushna’s own life was far from smooth.  
His brothers were mercilessly killed at birth by his own uncle.

His childhood was punctuated with one calamity or another.
Even in Dwarika, there were enough problems between his relatives to occupy him full time !! 

His own first born son was kidnapped whist still a baby.
His various sons caused him no end of headaches with their ill advised antics.

His own grandson was kidnapped by a love crazed princess and imprisoned by her asur father.
His cousins at Hastinapur / Indraprastha had enough problems to require his help on almost permanent basis. 
Whilst the Pandavas were exiled for 13 years, their children and various dependants came back to live at Dwarika. 
Even after the war was won in no uncertain terms, there was the constant problem of Yudhisthir relapsing into depression at the slightest opportunity ! 
The last vestige of Kurukul – Parisksheet was born dead and Shri Krushna had to revive him. 
When everything seemed to be settling down, the Yadavas quarrelled and killed each other !!


Karma impacts even Krushna and his friends and family, so who are we to complain ?


Just because the good people sometimes suffer, there is no need to assume evil people have it all good. 
Ravana may have kidnapped Sita and lived in a golden city, but, he was hardly able to catch a wink of sleep, thinking what will happen when Rama attacks.  His beloved city and its innumerable princes died in a war borne out of his lust for Sita.  Till date, Ravan is so reviled, no one cares to name their child "Ravan". 


Like Ravan, Duryodhan is equally despised throughout South-East Asia.  No one cares to call their child Dhritarastra, Duryodhan or Dushahan.  No one aspires to be called Shakuni, Shishupal or Kansa.  Despite the fact that Duryodhan may have had every luxury at his disposal, a thousand servants standing at attention to do his bidding, yet, he was constantly agitated, looking for ways to deprive the Pandavas of their solace even in the forest.  What’s the point of limitless wealth, obedient servants, faithful friends, if you have no peace ?  For all his glory in life, Duryodhan died a terrible death, cursing jackals and vultures who surrounded him.  Foul beasts waited for him to become weak enough for them to chew, hack and peck him to death.



For a peaceful, good life, all we can ever do is carry on doing that which is right - morally & ethically - and always work towards improving our lives.  God will only ever grant us strength and advise – and that’s about it.  That's what he did for Arjun - direct his course through the battle and give advice.  He did not shoot any arrows for him.  We are in charge of our own destiny and our own feeling of peace. 


So next time you see a person cry, good or bad, or a person laugh, good or bad, remember, they are all enjoying the fruits of their own karmas.

This however, does not mean we should not help them.  Just because someone is suffering, it does not give us any right to laugh at them or ignore their plight.  Helping someone in need brings great karmas in your favour.


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