Pot calling the kettle “black” !


As Kauravas began to loose in the battle, they began to complain that Pandavas were using unfair means to win the war.

Did they not consider the evils of poisoning Bhima ?
Did they not consider the sin of burning Pandavas and Kunti alive at Varnavat ?
Did they not consider the unfair means by which they had stolen Pandavas empire in the dice game ?
Did they not consider the shameless way in which they had humiliated Drupadi after the dice game ?
Did they not consider the crooked ways in which they tried to harass Pandavas during and after the exile ?
Did they not consider the evil and unfair way in which the war was initiated ?
Did they not consider the untold misery they were inviting on kshatriya race by rejecting the peace plan Shri Krushna suggested ?
Did they not consider the impact of huge slaughter they were willing to undertake for sake of letting Pandavas have five towns ?
Did they not consider the unfairness of the ruse the used to get king Shalya to fight on their behalf ?
Did they not consider the unfairness of six warriors battling Abhimanyu when he was alone and unarmed ?  Even Guru Drona was there at the time !
Did they not consider the immoral night-war Guru Drona himself conducted ?
Did they not consider the unethical use of divy-astra on ordinary soldiers by the mighty Drona ? 

Having committed a thousand wrongs, Kauravas wanted to censor Pandavas for giving them a taste of their own medicine ?

If Dhrushtadhyman’s killing of Bhurishrava and Drona was wrong, because they had laid down their weapons, how did the Kauravas justify killing Abhmanyu ?
Was it wrong to kill Karna who had attacked unarmed Abhimanyu with five fellow warriors ? 
Was it wrong to kill Drona who has initiated illegal war strategies including his colluding in the killing of Abhimnayu, fighting at night and use of celestial weapons on ordinary soldiers ?
Was it wrong to rip out the arms of an evil wretch who had pitilessly dragged Drupadi to the Kuru court and tried to disrobe her in public ?
Was it wrong to smash the thigh of the shameless Duryodhan who had arrogantly exposed himself in public and asked his own elder sister-in-law to sit on this naked thigh ? 


When evil has no recourse and is about to loose, it always invokes the “rule of law(s)” it cheerfully broke earlier.  Whenever thieves, terrorists and crooked people appeal to “the law” one has to wonder at their audacity and realise that this is just another strategy to defeat “the law”.  If mercy is shown, they will crush “the law” and the very people that showed them mercy.   

Time and again this has been the case. 
Countless time India and Indians have suffered for being over compassionate.  Even now, terrorists are seeking compassion and our government is actively considering it !
(read an article about compassion being a crime on this website. 

Sometimes, the law has to be tough and merciless in pursuit of justice.  For this reason whenever Arjun’s arrows are tempered by sentiment, Shri Krushna reminds him of past injustices and urges him to punish the wicked.  As a prince, it is Arjun’s duty to establish dharma-rajya.  Krushna reminds him, and the Pandavas, to stick by their duty / dharma and root out evil no matter how much the evil begs them to be lenient.  Judges can’t afford to be lenient.  As princes and kings, Shri Krushna reminds them of their eternal duties.



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