Story of Jagganath Joshi's mother

Story no.31,Vaishnav 31

Jagganath Joshi"s mother had two sons, elder son Narharidas Joshi & younger son Jagganath Joshi. One day their mother gave them two gold coins and asked them to go & offer it to shree Mahaprabhuji when they were to take "Naam Samarpan" from him. Both the brothers kept the coins in their sticks and left for Adel. When they reached Adel they found that Shree Mahaprabhuji had come to Shree Pursotham kshetra to pray Shree Jaggannathraiji. They thought if they went back home without taking Naam Samarpan their mother would be unhappy and get angry. Therefore, both brothers decided to go to Shree Pursotham kshetra to meet Shree Mahaprabhuji for Naam Samaparan.

Few days later when they reached the Shree Pursotham kshetra they asked for Shree Mahaprabhuji's house in front of the Jaggannathraiji's mandir. One of the vaishnav showed them the way to his house. They bowed down to offer their prayers to Shree Aacharyaji. He then asked about the well being of their mother. Both of them were surprised how Shree Aacharyaji knew them? They had never met before. They replied that because of Shree Aacharayaji's blessing their mother was well. Shree Mahaprabhuji asked them, whether they had offered their prayers to Shree Thakorji?They said, since we both just arrived we were unable to worship Shree Thakorji. With his permission they went to worship at the temple. They were surprised to see Shree Mahaprabhuji already at the Mandir standing next to Shree Jaggannathraiji. Unclear about how Shree Mahaprabhuji had reached the Mandir they went back to the house and amazingly found Shree Mahaprabhuji sitting at home.

Shree Mahaprabhuji asked whether they offered their prayer to shree Thakorji. They said that you know it ? (b'coz you were there when we did the prayers)( why are you asking us?) Shree Mahaprabhuji asked that whether their doubt is cleared ? & both brothers acknowledged it. Shree Mahaprabhuji asked for the gift their mom gave them for him and both of them gave it to him and got their "Naam Nivedan". They were enlightened with the true form of Shree Mahaprabhuji. After staying there for a few days, with permission from Shree Mahaprabhuji they left for their home. Reaching their house in "Kheradu" they briefed their mom of all the incidents. She was very happy and with the grace of Shree Mahaprabhuji they became true vaishnavs. Such good Vaishnav was Jagganath Joshi's mother, who was a staunch follower of shree Mahaprabhuji.


This mother has so much faith in Shree Mahaprabhuji that she sent both her sons to see him in Shree Gokul. Blessed are such parents who think so much of their children. All vaishnav should understand to get Nam mantra of all their children.

There is one story in relation to Jagganath Joshi's mother in Shree Vallabhcharitra, that when Shree Mahaprabhuji had been to kheradu, he was staying on the outskirts of the village. Many villagers along with their mother came to see him, and she told Shree Mahaprabhuji that I am poor, uneducated, brahmin widow. She further added that some people tell me to do charity, some tell do vrat, some tell to hear katha, some say to worship Mahadev, and some say to worship Mataji. I am confused! When my husband was alive I didn't pay much attention to his way of worshipping. Mahidar Desai of Aleena who became sevak of Shree Gusaiji through her. (Aleena is about 5 miles from Dakor and is on the way by railway from Nadiad to Kapadwanj, you can go from Mahudha).

She urged Shree Mahaprabuji to show her a way which will help her get her living and educate her two sons.Shree Mahaprabhuji advised her to worship and do seva. You need to get a bantaji and seva from one of my disciples. Everyday when you wake up you must remember HIM and take a bath and then sit Thakorji on his "Sinhasan" and as per your capabilities offer him Meva or Sugar (sakar), water in a "loti" and request him to have it. Offerings from the heart with deep emotions (bhav), love and faith will always be accepted by HIM. Remember God with every breath, every moment of life and it will help you to have a realized soul. God is attached to his followers. As you have love for your son, your home, etc. have the same love and faith in God. Follow and worship only one GOD. You as "sevak" and everything including your body, soul, man, home are of God and Worship him with such faith. Women find the "bhakti marg" more comfortable way to be of God. The life of a woman is from the beginning full of love, and love is the soul of "seva" and/or for "Bhakti". Alms, Tap, Vrat etc are not as good for the betterment of your soul, there has to be bhakti marg, too. This is powerful, so follow this way and you will have a blissful soul. (Shree Vallabhacharia pg. 285)


Jagganath Joshi Sachora Brahmin Story

Jagganath Joshi, resident of Kheradu, used to worship Shree Thakorji** in a very good manner. (**Jagganath Joshi has on his head <name> Shree Mahaprabhuji's Shree Navneetpriyaji's form, to do seva. Now his family descendants do that seva.)

One day after doing Sringar of Shree Thakorji, he offered him the "Rajbhoj Thal". While praying a doubt came in his mind. He thought that since Shree Thakorji is having this with his Sringar (Vago) on, the Thal might be touched. Shree Thakorji read his mind and threw the thal away with his leg. As soon as Jaggannathji saw this he prepared another samagri (Thal) and offered it to him, but he still had the doubt in his mind. Again, Shree Thakorji kicked the Thal away. Therefore, Jaggannathji prepared Thal for the third time and same thing occurred again. Fourth time while offering samagri to Shree Thakorji, he felt disgraceful and thought with his head bowed in front of Shree Thakorji that for what wrong doing (mistake) was he being punished. He cried in his heart and asked to know his crime, then Shree Thakorji told him of his mistake. Shree Thakorji told Jaggannathji that if you were afraid of me touching(chovavaning) the Thal, then why offer it to me at all? Jaggannathji hearing HIS voice realized his mistake and rubbed his nose on the ground and did Sashtang Dandvat pranam and asked for Shree Thakorji's forgiveness. He added I don't understand anything and requested to be pardoned. Then Shree Thakorji ate the Thal that Jaggannathji had offered him.



Everything touching Shree Thakorji's body, everything coming in his use, are faithfully,emotionally his. So there remains no difference between the offering and God. Deenta is the secret of this marg. When Jaggannathji became Deen , Shree Thakorji told him his mistake.


Jagganath Joshi used to offer hot rice pudding (Kheer) to Shree Thakorji. Shree Thakorji used to eat as such. Many days later Shree Mahaprabhuji arrived to Kheradu and stayed at Jaggannathji's house. Shree Mahaprabhuji went to see Shree Thakorji and saw that Shree Thakorji had burnt tongue and lips. He asked shree Thakorji the reason for this. Shree Thakorji explained that the Rajbhog which Jaggannathji offers is hot and I eat it that hot. Then, Shree Mahaprabhuji asked Jaggannathji why he offers hot Kheer for Rajbhog. Jaggannathji responded that he didn't know the how to offer Kheer and since all things are good when hot that kheer, too, would be good offered hot. Shree Mahaprabhuji explained to Jaggannathji's that kheer is best when it is offered cold. From then on Jaggannathji offered cold Kheer to Shree Thakorji.


Once Jagganath Joshi was on his way to Adel, to visit (to do Darsan) shree Mahaprabhuji and "Ankut day" came. So he instructed one of his sevak who was with him to go to the nearest village to get dal, rice and whatever else he gets. But the sevak came back and said we won't get anything but 'jar' (jowar). So he said o.k. to get that. So the sevak got that and cleaned it by removing the bhusi. Jagganath Joshi made 'Thomar' from that. The sevak said, make 'Dhokla' of the bhusi and put it on top of the baking 'thomar', for it to get ready be'coz of the vapour. He did that and when the thomar was boiling the Dhokla fell inside and got mixed. When he saw this thinking that it was thakorji's wish, he offered this samagri to HIM. He also took the Prasad and at night Shree Thakorji told him that he has pain in his stomach. So he offered (gave) "satwo suth and ajmo" to shree Thakorji and felt bad for what happened. Later on Shree Thakorji said that his stomach was ok.



Shree Thakorji used to have so much krupa on him that he told him his feelings immediately. He accepted the Ankut day manorath on the road!! Do seva of Shree Thakorji carefully.


Once Jagganath Joshi was offering his 'Uthapan' prayers and doing Morchhal to his sevya Shree Thakorji. Other vaishnav's were doing Darshan. Athat time one Rajput Garasiya non vaishnav came and stood in between vaishnavs. At that time one old lady came with a garland and threw it on Shree Thakorji from a distance. But because of GOD'S wish the garland fell on to one vaishnav's neck and the Rajput Garasi thought that Jagganath Joshi did it on purpose and has insulted me.(Becoz he was a Rajput) He decided to revenge by hitting him badly. So he started looking for the opportunity to do so, but never got a chance to do so. One day Jagganath Joshi was coming from outside and the Rajput attempted to hit with a sword (talwar) from behind. But Shree Thakorji came and stopped the Rajput with HIS hands and said 'don't hit'. Jagganath Joshi turned around and saw the Rajput and his sevya Shree Thakorji who was tired. He shouted at the Rajput for committing this sin. The Rajput realized his mistake, bend down to bow, and requested to pardon him. Jagganath Joshi felt sorry for the Rajput and so he lifted him with his own hands and send him away. After few days, he got his 'naam nivedan' from shree Aacharyaji and the Rajput became a good vaishnav. This was the result of standing between vaishnav's.


Followers of God are so kind!!! He gave the best fruit i.e. "Naam Samarpan" from Shree Mahaprabhuji, to the person who came to kill him. When God has to do Krupa on any soul, he does not see his karma. The Rajput got such good fruit for standing in with vaishnavs. Hence always have company of vaishnavs.


Story of Jagganath Joshi's elder brother Narhar** Joshi

(**This Narhar Joshi's descendent at present is Girdhar Joshi. He, too, faithfully does seva and lives in Kheradu with Kalidas Joshi in the same house.)

Once Narhar Joshi was going to Shree Purshotam Kshetra to pray Shree Jaggannathraiji. On the way, he took halt near Patna. After he taking a bath and preparing food, he offered Bhog to shree Thakorji. At the same time a 10 year old boy came down a tree in front him. He was surprised at how the boy had come here? The boy came and put his hand in front of Narhar Joshi. Narhar Joshi wondered why the boy did this, what does he want from me? He gave the boy 2 rotis with Ghee and with dal on top.

The boy took it and climbed up back on the tree and disappeared. He started his journey again and on the next day he took a halt at another place. There also, after taking bath when he offered bhog to Shree Thakorji, the same boy came down the ambli tree with silence stretched his hand out. At that time he was puzzled that if the boy was playing tricks why he should give him food and if the was a form of God how can I offer him this prasad? With this doubt in mind he didn't give him anything. Therefore, the boy climbed back on the tree. Shree Thakorji in Kheradu informed his younger brother Jagganath Joshi that today when I went to Narhar Joshi asking for food he didn't give it to me.

Jagganath Joshi noted the year to date of this day to ask Narhar Joshi the reason when he comes. When Narhar Joshi came home, after many days, his mother and younger brother greeted him. The next day, when both brothers went for seva Jaggannathji asked Narharji about the well being of Shree Mahaprabhuji. Then he asked Narharji of the incident when he halted near Patna. Narharji replied that on the first day I gave handsome boy roti and dal, but the next day since I had doubt I didn't give the boy anything. Jaggannathji then told Narharji that what he did was wrong, because the little boy was our Shree Thakorji. When we went to see Shree Mahaprabhuji, our mother had given us a gift for him. We both kept it with us in doubt, but Shree Mahaprabhuji asked for it. Therefore, both brothers decided that in our marg we are not to doubt Shree Thakorji and Shree Mahaprabhuji.

Prasang 2:

Once upon a time, Narhar Joshi went to Aleena to Mahidhar Desai and his sister Fulbai's home. He told them to go to Shree Gusaiji and get Nam Samarpan to become Vaishnavs. They agreed and asked him to bring Shree Gusaiji to their village. Narhar Joshi did this. When Narhar Joshi brought Shree Gusaiji he informed Mahidhar and Fulbai. They were joyful and happy. They thought how can we invite him to our home empty handed. Narhar Joshi told them to offer (Nyochhavar) as per their capabilities. Both brother and sister did exactly that when they invited Shree Gusaiji to their home. Everyone in the house including the kids got Nam Nivedan and treated him well. Shree Gusaiji left for Dvarika and Narhar Joshi came to Khreadu. Many days later, there was a fire in Aleena. Same day, Narharji, after bathing in the lake, and performing his daily routines, was coming back with tulsi and basket full of flowers in his hands. At the same time he got an intuition of the fire there. Thus, he stood there and sprinkled water (jal) around with the tulsi dal. The fire at Aleena was put out with this, and Mahidhar home and mandir were saved.

Later, when he went to Aleena, Fulbai told him of the fire and how their home and mandir were saved with the blessings of Shree Gusaiji. Narharji told them God's blessings are always good. When he came back to Kheradu, both brothers sat together and Narharji told Jaggannathji about the fire in Aleena and how he put the fire out. Jaggannathji told him we should not ask God to take trouble for such work, it's not the way we do things in our marg. Narharji explained it was so that it would not raise doubt in the minds of Mahidhar and Fulbai of the marg because they were new to the marg and have recently become Vaishnav. Both brothers laughed and thought God is so playful. With his wish whatever happens is for the best. We should not use him for our selfish purposes. Narharji was such a blessed and saintly vaishnav that for humanity he performed for this miracle. He, his mother, and younger brother were all Shree Mahaprabhuji's sevak.


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