Story of Parvatiji


Parvatiji was the daughter-in-law of Padmanabhji. Once, she noticed some white spots on her hands and feet. Fearing that this skin disorder may stop her from serving the Lord, she wrote a letter to Shri Gosaiji and requested him to guide her in this matter. Shri Gosaiji read the letter and was very moved to hear that Parvatiji was unable to do her seva as freely as she might have wished.

Seva should always be done with one's mind unfettered by worldly worries. If you are still thinking about other things whilst doing the seva, how can you concentrate on Shri Thakorji ? Due to her illness, Parvatiji was feeling uncomfortable doing shringar and indeed, cooking food for the Lord with her hands, hands that she felt were somehow unworthy of touching the Lord. Gosaiji could understand that this was a major hindrance in her seva.

Having given it sufficient thought, Shri Gosaiji wrote to her, "Carry on with the seva as normal. Do not worry, the Lord will take care of everything and soon enough, you will be as well as ever." Her faith in Guru and God were so immense, that sure enough, within a few months, her skin disorder disappeared and she was well again. Indeed, faith can move mountains !

Suffering in this life is the end result of our own bad karmas (actions). These karmas may have originated in this or previous lives. We must all suffer the consequences of our actions. The best way to do this is to take everything in our stride and accept the situation the Lord has ordained for us. Like the great Vaishnavs of old, we must have firm faith that the Lord will take care of everything.


Having thus read the great devotion of these Vaishnavs, let us too pray for the Lord's grace, so that we may be inspired by their stories and we too may get closer to God.


� Bhagwat Shah


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