Kshatrani from the East

Story No 83 from the 252 Vaishnavas...

She is a rajas bhakta. Her name in the lila is Angana and she is a friend of Yashoda. Angana has maternal affection for Shri Krishna and mother Yashoda is always delighted by her. In this world, she was born ten miles outside of Banares and was married at the age of eight. Shortly thereafter, a smallpox epidemic killed her husband, parents and in-laws. She remained the only surviving family member and stayed in her house constantly weeping, unable to eat or drink. A bhakta neighbor was not able to bear her pain and approached her, "Why cry, everything happens according to God's design. Now you have a grand opportunity to engage in Hari's seva, the blessed practice. There you will find true happiness.

"But I don't know anything about seva."

"Go to Adel and become Shri Gusainji's disciple. He will escort you into Shri Krishna's seva. As you enter Krishna's world of delight all of your suffering will be removed. Shri Krishna is compassionate and perfects everything."

Kshatrani then went to Adel and after becoming Shri Gusainji's disciple, she submitted, "Please present me with Shri Krishna's seva. I live alone and my days hardly pass."

Shri Gusainji established Child Krishna in her life and taught her the modes of seva explaining, "Serve your Krishna with full attention and with the feeling that He is your child. He will award you all spiritual pleasures."

Kshatrani then returned to her village and became a great bhakta.

Varta 1

Kshatrani lived alone and lovingly served her Child Krishna. She spoke with Him as if He was her real son in the world. She lived in an inspired state and Shri Krishna always responded to her as her True Son. If she had to leave the house, Kshatrani would tell Him, "My sweet Child Krishna, I have to go out for some errands. If you get hungry or if I am late, take the snacks I put out for You and drink the water from the pitcher."

Her Child Krishna followed her instructions and took her offerings with His own hands. After returning home, Kshatrani would check His pitcher and snack box. These events bought her great satisfaction. When she went to bed, she kept her Child Krishna close to her.

Early one night, when two cats began fighting under the bed, her Child Krishna became terrified. Kshatrani yelled at the cats and shooed them away.

"You scare my Boy." Then she consoled her young Krishna, "Don't be afraid."

Although she yelled at them, the cats did not stop fighting. Kshatrani hugged her frightened Krishna as he whimpered, "I'm afraid of those cats."

Kshatrani again shouted at the cats, "You darn cats, why are you in my house? In the morning, I'll have some boys come and get you! You scare my Child Krishna!"

She comforted her Krishna while he kept repeating, "I am afraid of those cats."

Kshatrani finally told her Child Krishna, "My dear Boy, You were not afraid when you killed that great demoness Putana and other formidable demons. Now, why are you afraid of these two cats?"

The Blessed Lord immediately let go of her and said, "My dear lady, that was because of the special relationship we had. You were my mother and I was your child. Now that relationship has come to an end."

From that moment Shri Krishna stopped talking to her.

As long as she considered Shri Krishna as her child, He remained so. As soon as she saw Him as a great powerful God and a demon killer, He took on that form. When she focused on Shri Krishna's prominence, her natural love was swept aside. As long as she had pure and simple love, Shri Krishna remained her child, always responding to her loving care. He obeyed her every instruction. Shri Krishna is swayed by bhava and worships His bhaktas as they worship Him. As soon as there was a feeling that the Lord is "great" He becomes so and that All Powerful God stopped speaking to her.

Only after she repeatedly requested her Krishna with great humility and for many days to engage with her again as her Child, did He finally agree.

Here it is shown that Shri Krishna is pleased with humility for it removes all impurities. Humility is the supreme virtue. Bhaktas should be humble when they make seva.

Kshatrani is a vessel of grace and a great bhakta who experienced the Blessed Lord directly. To what extent can she be praised?


This was kindly translated by Shyamdas.

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