Vaishnav from Mahavan

Story No 42 from the 252 Vaishnavas...


The bhakta from Mahavan is a tamas bhakta. His lila name is Durga. In this world he was born into a family of clerks in Mahavan. His father worked for the local ruler and he learned his father's trade. After his father died, the ruler employed him in his service. One day, while in Mathura, he met Shri Gusainji and became his disciple. He stayed with the bhakti master for several days and abosrbed the teachings of the path. For his personal seva, Shri Gusainji presented him with a mantra written on a piece of paper.

Varta 1

The bhakta from Mahavan daily perfromed seva and then offer the prasada to other bhaktas. While in seva, he always pronounced the name of Hari. One day, during the hot season, when no bhaktas showed up at his house to take prasada, he went out to invite someone. Nearby, he came across a snake next to a tree. Although he tried to get by the snake, the snake would not let him pass, so he killed it. Then the snake's wife vowed, "I will kill that man from Mahavan."

Because he always took the name of Hari, the snake's wife could never approach him. Then one day, while he was talking to some worldly people and was not reciting the names of God, that snake bit him and he died. Later, a bhakta asked asked Shri Gusainji, "He was a good bhakta, why did he die from a snake bite?"
The guru explained, "That snake was his enemy from a former birth. Snakes are a form death. When he left the name of Krishna to gossiped, death arrived."

In this account it is taught that bhakta should be non violent and avoid worldly association. Time can never obstruct the one who constantly recites Shri Krishna's name.

He remains a vessel of grace.


This was kindly translated by Shyamdas.

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