A Brahmin woman who lived in a village near Ujjain

Story No 38 from the 252 Vaishnavas...

She is a rajas bhakta, her lila name is Chandramukhi for her face appears like the moon. In this world she was born into a wealthy Brahmin family, in a village eight miles from Ujjain. Her parents married her off when she was eight. When she was in her twenties, a plague swept through her town killing her parents and husband. She lived and grieved alone. Although everyone tried to console her, she listen to no one until some one told her, "You should go to Ujjain and listen to Krishna Bhat. When you hear his words, all of you pain will be removed."

Varta 1

When she heard Krishna Bhat's teachings, her heart blossomed. Once, when Shri Gusainji came to Ujjain, she bowed before him and then stood over to the side. At that time, many people arrived there for initiation. After everyone had received mantra, the Brahmin lady came before Shri Gusainji for initiation. Shri Gusainji then went to Krishna Bhat's house. That evening someone mentioned to the guru, "That Brahmin lady you initiation today, you know, she you has no morals. Why did you give her mantra?"
Shri Gusainji replied, "What is it to you?"

Two things are shown here. First, when there is no dedicated to Hari, the senses engage in indiscriminate activities. The other teaching is that however a blessed soul may be, she is definitely accepted. Within the Path of Grace, Hari does not judge the actions of the soul; she is uplifted through the power of grace. The soul's spiritual dharma is to take Hari's refuge. Shri Mahaprabhuji says in his "Krishna Ashraya",

"I pray to Shri Krishna. He uplifts everyone who takes His shelter."

In the Path of Grace, the main thing is Krishna's grace and not the worthiness of the soul. Those who take refuge receive grace.

That Brahmin woman stayed in Krishna's Bhat's house for as long as Shri Gusainji resided there and served the guru faithfully. Seeing her pure bhava, Shri Gusainji present her with a garment Shri Nathji had worn. Then Krishna Bhat gave her a Shri Nathji Deity for that garment. She returned to her village with her Shri Krishna seva and with Krishna Bhat's help her seva became refined. She served Shri Nathji with great affection and He started to appear to her and told her whatever He wanted. Shri Nathji awarded her profound experiences.

If Shri Nathji wanted something that was not in the house she would quickly finish His seva and go to Ujjain. By the afternoon she would the desired item before her Krishna. Shri Nathji graciously accepted her offerings. For years she made wonderful seva and often met with Krishna Bhat. Sometimes when Krishna Bhat's Krishna desired something, He would appear to her and express His desire. She would prepare the item in her house and present Krishna Bhat with the thing his Krishna had requested. In many ways she received divine experiences. One day, the bhakta Nihalchand told her, "Be careful, With Shri Gusainji grace, you have found something remarkable. Now make Krishna's Seva with great care."

Nihachanda later mentioned to Krishna Bhat, "That Brahmin woman has found something great but her vessel is still small. When she learns to contain it, then know she is truly worthy." Krishna Bhat remained silent. Many days later a government land surveyor made his camp near to the Brahmin lady's house. One day, while she was sitting in her house cleaning rice, the surveyor saw her and asked, "For whom are you cleaning the rice? You have been cleaning it very carefully and for a such a long time."
"I am cleaning the rice for my Krishna."
"Can I see Him?"
After she allowed him darshan of her Krishna the surveyor returned to his work and gave her a bit of extra land. He later told her, "I did you a favour, I gave you some extra land."

This is the way worldly people operate. If they do someone a favour, they like to show it off. When bhaktas do a good deed for someone, they will never mention it.

The Brahmin lady exclaimed, "Son, you have allowed me to live!" At that moment, her Krishna left her house and returned to Shri Gusainji.

Here we see how the Brahmin woman, through her speech, lost her refuge. Bhakta should be careful what they say and should not speak to stranger about their path. Also they should not accept favours or give darshan of their Krishna to outsiders..

Her Krishna then informed Krishna Bhat that He was leaving and then went to Nihalchand's house. At that time, Nihalchand was resting and Krishna appeared to him in a dream and told him what told what happened. Nihalchand got up and went to Krishna Bhat's house, "Bhatiji, Krishna has left her house. Her Krishna came and told me, 'I am going to back to Gokul.'"
"Her Krishna also told me."
"I told you before, she is a shallow vessel."
Later that afternoon, when the Brahmin lady saw that her Krishna was no longer in the temple, she broke down and started to cry. In great anguish she went to Krishna Bhat's house and told Krishna Bhat and Nihalchanda what happened.

Krishna Bhat explained, "Krishna is not something to be sold or displayed. If you let someone praises you because they know you are a bhakta, you sell your dharma of being a bhakta. Now Shri Krishna will not accept your seva."  She remained quiet and feeling totally crushed, returned home.

Shri Gusainji has written in his Vigyapati.

"Even the smell of leaving Krishna's support for another is equal to cutting your own throat."

Bhaktas take their sustenance only from Hari.

Still that Brahmin lady was a blessed vessel of Shri Gusainji's grace and a great bhakta. To what extent can we praise her account!


This was kindly translated by Shyamdas.

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