Potter from Gujarat

Story No 32 from the 252 Vaishnavas...


He is a satvika bhakta. His lila name is Paramananda. He is a close associate to the inner lila.

Once while Shri Gusainji was in Gujarat, the potter became his disciple.  Many days later, when Cha Chaji visited him, he had absolutely nothing at home to offer the great bhakta. The potter then went out to make some arrangements. He went to a land owner who asked him,"Will you dig me a well."

The potter replied, "Yes, but I will start digging after four days." He took a rupee advance from the man and then returned home with supplies and requested Cha Chaji to stay with him for at least four days. On the fourth day, just after Cha Chaji left for Dwarka, while the potter was digging the well, the walls collapsed and thousands of pounds of earth covered him. The potter was trapped and could only mutter, "Shri Vallabh, Shri Vitthal".

Someone told Cha Chaji, who had not travel very far, "The potter is trapped in a well!" When Cha Cha arrived there, his family members were wailing. Cha Chaji then climbed down into the well and saved him.

Bhava :-    In this account we find the teaching that when a bhakta comes to your home, his welcome should be made full of love. Never turn your back on a bhakta! The bhakta's grace is liberating. Cha Chaji saved the potters life. The service of the bhaktas is exalted.

Varta 2

Once the potter's brother brought him some sweet balls. His wife desired them, but when two other bhaktas suddenly arrived, he offered them the sweets. When his wife found out, she was enraged. The potter was in the habit or offering prasada, cloth and fine things to other bhaktas. One day, his wife left him for another man, but the potter kept his mind on God and remained blissful.

After some days, there was a faminine. His wife and the man she was living with were very hunger. Meanwhile, bhaktas would daily come to visit the potter. One day his wife arrived at his door bowing at his feet. She begged to be taken in but he told her, "You can no longer live here but I will give you prasada to eat."

His wife had turned from Hari and dharma. For that reason, he did not let her live with him. Because bhaktas are always kind to all sentient beings he arranged for her food.

The potter with a blessed vessel of Shri Gusainji's grace. He had firm faith in Shri Gusainji and there is no way to totally retell his account.


This was kindly translated by Shyamdas.

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