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Welcome to the virtual Haveli of ShriNathji on the web.
Over 800 files on this site are about my beloved ShriNathji and India.
Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharyaji is the source of inspiration and guidance for this website on Pushti Marg.  

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Shri Vallabh & his Descendants

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Haveli at Nathadwara


This is an 18th / early 19th Century painting, depicting ShriNathji's darshan during Maha Rasa / Sharad Purnima.
Gopies interlink their hands with ShriNathji, bringing the pichoi to life and making it an integral part of the darshan rather than just an accrument in the background.
Silver moon (now oxidised to dark grey) rises above the mango and plantain trees. .

Shri Maad Bhagvat katha 2006vat katha 200666

Mahabharat katha 2012

Shodash Granth

Pushti Philosophy

Bhagwat's 400 + pages on all things Indian

Pushti in the new century                 

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books - 1st Divine Family, Addicted to Krishna and Deciphering the Mahabharata, Long Story Short


श्याम तमाल पर सुन्दर लागे, चारुलता सखी रि |
द्रुम लता को, सुलभ सैयोग, सुद्रड सुकोमल रि |
तट कालिंदी के, कानन गिरी व्रज, श्यामा श्याम भावत रि |


* Several Goswamies, including Shri Mathureshwarji, H.H. Indira betiji, PritiRaja betiji etc have expressed their support for the site. 
* HH Shri RaghuNathlalji (Gokul) has been very generous in granting us his permission to publish extracts from his book.
* Param bhagvadiya Shri Shyamdasji (USA) has given kind permission to publish extracts from his articles and books.
* Param bhagvadiya Shri Amit Ambalaji (Ahemdabad) have given his kind permission to use pictures from his excellent book, Krishna As ShriNathji on the site.
* Vallabhi Vaishnav Purviji and Kaminiji have kindly sent in several articles in Gujarati.

Where possible, sources & authors of pictures & articles used on this site have been credited.  Many images are taken from the web.  If you own a copy-right to an image or a file on the site, please let me know.
Please respect the copyright of the originating web-sites & books and do not reproduce them without their permission.

With the grace of God, this site first came about in the autumn 1996 on Geocities, hosting millions of visitors during its 13 years there.
Since Geocites closed down in Nov 2009, the site has been recreated at Pusthi-Marg.net and re-launched in Jan 2010. 
We hope you will continue to visit us at the new site.

My books - 1st Divine Family, Addicted to Krishna and Deciphering the Mahabharata, Long Story Short are available on Kindle.  Search for the books on your local Amazon page for US, Europe, India etc.
Bhavat Padarvindam - heveli sangeet written by Bhagwat Shah, performed by Bhagvati Prasada and group. 
Download individual tracks or entire CD from Amazon or i-tunes.

Please note, this site is about the Haveli at Nathadwara and Pushti Marg. 
However, it is not officially affiliated to the Haveli, its trustees or the Tilkayat at Nathadwara.

 Jai Shri Krushna

Please email [email protected] for further information.

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